Masonic Centre

Our Centre's History

The Centre Beginnings

The Eastleigh Masonic Centre situated on the corner of Cranbury Road and Leigh Road in Eastleigh was built about 1920 as a Methodist Church.  The building  however became surplus to their requirements in the late 1950's.  The Hampshire Lodge of Emulation No 1990 a masonic lodge, who met at the Old Eastleigh Town Hall, negotiated a purchase price of £5,000.00.  The first masonic meeting was held in September 1960.  At that time no alcoholic licence was available due to restrictions in the original deeds.

The Evolutin Of The Centre

However in 1977 a licence was negotiated with the authorities and an extension to the building  constructed and opened in September 1977.  This licence is held by the "Eastleigh Masonic Dining Club" the managing agents for the building's owners the Hampshire Lodge of Emulation No 1990.  This facility has made the building  available for the Community to hire for social & charitable events.


Since 1977 continual updating and maintenance has made the property a valuable asset to Eastleigh's masonic and residential community.  The Centre is currently home to Five Masonic Lodges, One Chapter & One Lodge Of Instruction and regularly holds charity events and works with local businesses.



Helping Our Communities

Working with the local community to support the good causes via charities on a local and national level.


Making Good Men Better

Working with theological ideals and basic prionciples to help people find focus in a world filled with more distractions.


Meeting New People

Within masonry the groups of people are varied and allow exchanges between people wll of whom with different life experiences and views.



Being part of one of the largest grant making charities in the country, and being part of the difference that these grants make.